The High Court has delivered the much anticipated decision of Thorne & Kennedy and has confirmed some of the risks associated with entering into Financial Agreements in anticipation of marriage.  In this article, our Harry McDonald provides an overview of the key aspects of this important decision.


Child Inclusive Practice is an approach to the resolution of parenting disputes that invites parties to focus more on the developmental needs of a child than on the parties legal positions and, in doing so, can offer vastly different short and long term solutions to families.  In this article, our Anne-Marie Rice explores the opportunities available to parents prepared to adopt this approach in mediations and the obligations on lawyers to do so.  Anne-Marie has been invited to present a paper on the role of lawyers in Child Inclusive Mediation at the Child Inclusive Conference in Adelaide in October 2017.

Superannuation splitting and family law

Superannuation is one of the most technical areas impacting on family law property settlements.  In this article our Anne-Marie Rice and leading Forensic Accountant Joseph Box, from Grant Thornton, explain the practical and technical aspects of superannuation, and particularly self-managed superannuation funds.  The Rice Naughton McCarthy team has both a detailed understanding of these issues as well as the skills necessary to secure the most beneficial outcome for our clients.